Canature Huayu Environmental Products Co. is a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer committed to the development and application of water treatment technology and undertaking various environmental protection projects; Manufacture and sell all kinds of high-quality water treatment equipment and equipment, and undertake the design, installation, commissioning and related technical services of all kinds of water treatment projects.

The softener cabinet adopts LCD multi-channel control valve to realize full-automatic control operation, reliable quality and stable water production. The water, electricity and salt consumption of the equipment is about 30 ~ 60% of that of similar products, which is efficient, low consumption and saves operation costs. The control valve body is made of lead-free brass, which is corrosion-resistant and pollution-resistant; The exchange tank is made of FRP, stainless steel, etc; The salt bucket is made of PE plastic, which can meet various needs. The equipment has compact structure, small floor area and flexible installation position. When installing, connect the pipeline according to the drawing without fixing, which is simple and easy; The equipment operates automatically without manual operation. There are various control types of control valves, such as single valve single tank, single valve double tank and double valve double tank. Time type control or flow type control can be adopted.

Water softener is generally used for steam boiler, hot water boiler, air conditioner, steam condenser, heat exchanger and other make-up water supply equipment. It can also be used for domestic water treatment in hotels, restaurants, office buildings and apartments, as well as soft water treatment in food, beverage, wine making, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.