Boiler water softener

Name:  Boiler water softener

Occasion: Boiler plant

Purpose: Water softener

It is a kind of heat energy conversion equipment with certain energy input from water or chemical fuel to boiler.


Boilers are widely used in our production activities and life. According to the main purpose, they can be divided into power station boilers, industrial boilers, domestic boilers and special boilers.


Boiler water generally uses surface water, groundwater or tap water. The hardness of water is large, especially surface water or groundwater, which may contain other suspended solids and other impurities.


Poor water quality and excessive water hardness will affect the operation of the boiler and produce scale. Therefore, pretreatment of boiler water is essential. The boiler softener uses ion exchange resin to replace the hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium in the effluent. When the resin is saturated and the adsorption capacity is reduced, the resin can be regenerated.