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RO membrane is the membrane separation technology with the highest filtration accuracy at present. The filtering accuracy reaches 0.0001um. It filters all substances in tap water without minerals and trace elements. This kind of water can be drunk directly. Impurities in the water, such as soluble solids, organics, colloidal substances and bacteria, are intercepted by the reverse osmosis membrane, concentrated in the intercepting liquid and removed. Primary reverse osmosis can remove more than 97% of dissolved solids in raw water.

When the membrane system is ready to be put into operation, it is very necessary to start the reverse osmosis water treatment system correctly in order to prevent the damage of membrane elements caused by feedwater overflow or hydraulic impact. Following the correct start-up sequence helps to ensure that the system operation parameters meet the design specifications, so as to make the system water quality and quantity reach the established design objectives.

Before the initial startup procedure of the membrane system, the pretreatment system commissioning of the membrane system, the loading of membrane components, the calibration of instruments and other system inspections shall be completed.