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Why Tap Water Still Needs Water Treatment Equipment?


Why Tap Water Still Needs Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment

Due to the weak economic foundation in China, the standards and management of personal and family life safety started very late, and many related standards are also relatively backward, so under normal circumstances, meeting the national standard does not guarantee that it is safe and beneficial to our body.


Why Tap Water Still Needs Water Treatment Equipment

For example: China's tap water quality standard stipulates that the total hardness of the influent water does not exceed 450mg/L to be qualified, but the existence of a large number of mineral ions at this time still has a direct adverse impact on our life and body (compared to European and American countries require The total hardness of municipal water supply should not exceed 150mg/L, and they still use a lot of water treatment equipment such as filters, water softeners, and pure water machines in their lives).


Although the tap water used does not contain toxic and harmful substances, the hardness of the water is high and the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water is high, which is prone to scale and affects the service life of household appliances.


Especially in some parts of my country, the water hardness is relatively high. If it is used directly without softening treatment, scale will be left on the dishes, cups, kettles and other utensils, and the washed clothes will also turn yellow and hard. The softening treatment mainly uses ion exchange resin to exchange calcium and magnesium ions in the water, thereby reducing the hardness of the water.