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Why Is The Shower In The Bathroom Always Clogged?


Why Is The Shower In The Bathroom Always Clogged?


Usually, the outlets of high-grade massage bathtubs, showers, etc. are very close. If high hardness water is used, not only the appearance will be dim and old quickly, but also it will cause blockage and lose the original comfortable bathing experience.


Therefore, we need to use softening water equipment to soften the water first, so that the sprinkler head and water pipeline are not easy to block, and the appearance can maintain its original luster. Someone wants to ask how to use and maintain the demineralized water equipment after installation?


Use and maintenance of demineralized water equipment:

1. Ensure the stability of the input voltage and current, and prevent the electric control device from burning. A sealing cover shall be installed outside the point control device to prevent moisture and water immersion.


2. Regularly check the air tightness of the fluidizer and the salt suction pipeline to prevent air leakage from affecting the regeneration effect.


3. Disassemble the water softener once a year, clean up the impurities in the upper and lower water distributors and the quartz sand cushion, check the loss and exchange capacity of the resin, replace the seriously aged resin, and resuscitate the iron poisoned resin with hydrochloric acid solution.


The above is the reason why the shower will be blocked. After we install a demineralized water equipment, it is also very important to use it correctly for maintenance.