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Why Is Soft Water Not Recommended For Water Heaters?


Why Is Soft Water Not Recommended For Water Heaters


Soft water is treated water, such as tap water, which is precipitated by minerals and added with disinfectants such as chlorine. Soft water is generally not easy to scale. It is forbidden to use soft water for electric water heater. It should be the fault of electric water heater, which needs to be inspected and repaired by professionals.


Why Is Soft Water Not Recommended For Water Heaters


What are the common faults and maintenance methods of electric water heater

1. If the electric water heater does not discharge water, or the water is not hot. If you are just starting to use, you need to check the water inlet valve to see if it is fully open and open it. Then check whether the cold and hot water regulation of the water mixing valve is wrong, and deal with it in time. If the problem occurs after using for a period of time, it may be the damage of the equipment or the damage of the temperature controller, which needs to be repaired by contacting professionals.

2. The outlet temperature of electric water heater is relatively low. At this time, check the temperature controller to see if the set temperature is too low. Just turn it up in time. If the temperature is still low, the temperature controller or heating pipe is damaged and needs to be replaced in time.

3. The water heater leaks. This is mainly because the water pressure in the tank exceeds the pressure that the safety valve can bear, resulting in water leakage of the pressure relief valve. Close the water inlet valve and adjust the button to the high temperature. If the water mixing valve is not installed, open the hot water valve for pressure relief.

4. The indicator light of the water heater does not light up. It is possible that the plug is not inserted tightly. Just insert it again. If the leakage protector is powered off carefully, press the reset key. If the indicator light is still not on, it may be burnt out and needs to be repaired by professionals.

5. The inlet and outlet of water heater are difficult. It may be caused by the problem of water quality, resulting in the blockage of water inlet and outlet. It is necessary to remove the blockage in time before it can be used normally. It is also possible that the water mixing valve is damaged and needs to be replaced in time.