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Why Are Water Softeners Increasingly Valued And Developed?


Why Are Water Softeners Increasingly Valued And Developed?


The status of small and medium-sized central water softeners in the family is increasingly important. As people's living standards become higher and higher, people pay more and more attention to clean water, such as small and medium-sized central water softeners, which greatly promotes the The development of water softener has transformed water softener from traditional engineering equipment to retail.


According to the survey results, small and medium water softeners can meet the basic needs of ordinary families, while small products are suitable for smaller families.


The benefits of softening the water: the central water softener and the water purifier are installed at the same time. The difference is that the soft water softens tap water and removes calcium and magnesium in the water. Experiences such as bathing.


Water Softeners

Why is soft water better for the skin?


Because the content of calcium and magnesium ore in hard water is relatively high, the emulsification effect of cleaning products such as facial cleanser and facial soap will decrease when encountering hard water, it is not easy to generate foam, and the ability to remove dirt will also decrease. In addition, calcium and magnesium minerals can easily combine with the soap base in the face wash to produce soap scum, which will stick tightly to the surface of the skin, not only blocking pores, but also rubbing your skin like a stone, blocking sebum The regeneration of the membrane destroys the stratum corneum and reduces the skin's water-locking function.