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Why add salt in water softener


Why add salt in water softener

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In addition to installing water purifiers, many families also install water softeners to soften water quality. The softened water is better for the skin, and the reduction of scale has a certain protective effect on water-wading appliances. But many people will ask. Why is salt added to the water softener? Today we will talk about this.


Soft water principle and why add salt?


Why add salt in water softener?


The main reason for adding salt is that the current water softener mainly uses ion exchange technology. After the raw water passes through the resin of the water softener, it will absorb impurities in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.


However, when the amount of water treatment increases and the impurities increase, the adsorption capacity of the resin will gradually decrease. At this time, it is necessary to remove the above impurities. At this time, you need to rely on the sodium ion of the salt. The impurities on the resin are replaced by backwashing. Thereby restoring the adsorption capacity.


If there is no softening salt in the water softener, the resin will gradually fail, and the corresponding water softener will lose its function of softening and purifying water.


Why can't water softener use ordinary edible salt, but must use special salt for water softener?


In exchange for table salt, the resin will cause the resin surface to crumble, thereby reducing the resin's ability to reduce.


Iodine has a strong penetrating power to the surface of resin particles. Long-term use of iodine salt will reduce the surface strength, hardness, mechanical strength, volume expansion strength and circular curvature of the resin, and the resin is easily broken, thereby reducing the exchange capacity of the resin. .