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Where Is Soft Water Generally Used?


Where Is Soft Water Generally Used


In our daily life, the water we use is hard water, which contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. Using a water softener can make the water cleaner. When you burn hot water, there will be no dirt at the bottom of the pot, the dirt on the shower will disappear, and the stains in the bathroom will be much less. So where is soft water generally used? Today, we will introduce the related knowledge of drinking water safety.

Generally speaking, soft water is mostly used for cleaning.

Daily life

The hardness of water has a great impact on daily life. If the hardness of water is large, washing clothes will not blister; Living in different places may cause acclimatized symptoms due to unsuitable hardness of drinking water; Scaling in the kettle will reduce the thermal conductivity of the kettle. Soft water contains too few minerals to drink.

Industrial water

Softened water is suitable for electronic power industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, hotels, thermal stations, boiler rooms, office buildings, cold storage, shopping malls, air conditioning and other fields.

Inhibition of fungi

Soft water can also effectively inhibit fungi. In case of skin injury, frostbite, burn and other accidents, first wash the affected part with soft water, soak absorbent cotton, gauze, towel, etc. with soft water, and gently wipe the affected part, the wound can be healed quickly, and the edema caused by burn will disappear immediately. This is because soft water can promote the regeneration of cell tissue. Regular use of soft water shampoo can make the hair soft and elegant, remove dandruff and relieve itching, not dry and astringent, and the hair style has natural luster.


Where Is Soft Water Generally Used