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What Should I Do If The Tap Water Smells Of Chlorine?


What Should I Do If The Tap Water Smells Of Chlorine

Tap Water Smells Of Chlorine

Tap water is indispensable in our life and production. Usually, tap water is disinfected by chlorination, and there will inevitably be residual chlorine in the water. Therefore, we will smell chlorine gas in tap water.


The residual chlorine in tap water will not cause harm to our body, but it will affect the taste when it is directly used for cooking or making canned food. So how to remove residual chlorine in water?


Installing an activated carbon filter is a more appropriate method. Activated carbon can absorb free chlorine in the water. Food factories need a lot of water to produce food. If chlorine is not removed, food will smell, especially canned food and beverages.


The effect of using activated carbon to filter water at home is very good, but it should be noted that the first is to control the water output, and the faucet cannot be opened very much (depending on the size of the activated carbon filter).


Activated carbon has a good adsorption and removal effect on residual chlorine. After a period of use, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the activated carbon fails. If the quality of the effluent is unqualified, the activated carbon in the filter needs to be replaced in time.