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What should be paid attention to when debugging the FRP water tank?


What should be paid attention to when debugging the FRP water tank

FRP water tank

The application of FRP water tanks has gradually been widely used. But for novices, the fiberglass water tank needs to be debugged during the installation process, so how to do the debugging when installing the fiberglass water tank? Next, HUAYU will introduce to you in detail what matters should be paid attention to when debugging the FRP water tank.


FRP water tank


Matters needing attention when debugging FRP water tanks:


1. When installing the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, leave a maintenance channel of not less than 800mm between the box body and the wall, and the top and bottom of the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank should not be less than 500mm.


2. Before installing the FRP water tank, be sure to check whether the concrete foundation surface of the water tank is flat, and then weld and combine the cut channel steel according to the size of the bottom plate of the water tank, and then start to assemble the water tank board, between the board and the board The sealing strip is connected with bolts.


3. First assemble the bottom plate and lay it flat on the channel steel base, and then connect the side assembly with the bottom.


4. After the connection is completed, start to install the ties. First, install the ties at the cross joints of the four side panels. Drill holes at the corners of the four panels. Use four wires to pass through the inner and outer ties. Clamp the four boards tightly, and seal the gap between the screw rod and the board with a rubber gasket. Pass the threaded ends of the ties through the middle holes of the ties, and tighten the two inner ties with nuts.


The above is what you should pay attention to when debugging FRP water tanks. If you want to wholesale FRP water tanks and various questions about FRP tanks, you can contact CANATURE HUAYU factory, or you can directly visit our company for field inspection. , Thank you for your support.