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What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Transportation Of Frp Storage Tanks?


What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Transportation Of Frp Storage Tanks

Frp Storage Tanks


1. It may be useful to use a flexible rope and crane to lift the FRP tank during transportation, and then it can be effectively placed on the prepared wooden board. If the FRP tank is relatively small, the front of the forklift can also be used. Place the fork on the cushion, and then use the forklift to place the FRP storage tank on the board.

2. If the FRP storage tank is not temporarily installed, it shall be placed on the support and fixed during use to avoid rolling. Pay attention to safety when installing FRP storage tanks.

3. During the coating treatment of FRP storage tank, the coating needs to be sealed and preserved before use. Wet coating will affect the coating quality. In addition, if the coating concentration is too large, dilute it.

Nowadays, in many transportation and loading tasks, its large glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank system is usually inseparable from its important carrier. Due to the complex properties of many liquid materials, it mainly depends on the materials for special applications.

5. During operation, the FRP storage tank cannot be installed on the top at will. Atmospheric storage tanks in the equipment shall not be used under negative pressure. FRP tanks cannot withstand loads and vibrations. Useful ground shock absorber measures shall be set when receiving the source.

6. During operation, the FRP storage tank shall not be close to the fire source. It must be kept away from heat sources. The maximum working pressure of the equipment cannot effectively exceed the specified value of its plan. During operation, unless there is a special plan, the heat and cold pipes of the vibration source shall be isolated from the storage tank and supported.