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What material is used for the salt water tank to prevent corrosion


What material is used for the salt water tank to prevent corrosion

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During the use of salt water tanks, it is easy to cause tank corrosion problems. At present, there are many anti-corrosion coatings for tanks on the market, and the anti-corrosion effects are not the same. What materials are used for salt water tanks to prevent corrosion? CANATURE HUAYU factory introduces a coating with better anti-corrosion effect - Soleil CMI heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating. The coating is a high-functionality two-component thermosetting polymer coating, and the highly cross-linked structure formed after curing is fundamentally different from other coatings.


What material is used for the salt water tank to prevent corrosion


The coating of the brine tank shows good product performance and corrosion resistance:


1. Very low volatile organic compounds.


2. Wear and impact resistance.


3. Good bond strength and adhesion.


4. No permeability to ensure the purity of the product.


5. Molecular cross-linking is mainly in the form of ether bonds (C-O-C). The ether bond is a strong chemical bond. Compared with epoxy resin, it contains no hydroxyl group, and compared with vinyl ester, it has no ester bond, so it can withstand hydrolysis and Acid attack.


6. It has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, and can carry various clean petroleum products (CPPS), palm oil fatty acid distillates (PFADS), biofuels, methanol, etc. to the greatest extent.


7. Resistant to thermal cycling from -40°F to +400°F (-40° to 204°C).


8. The surface smoothness of the coating is more than 40 times that of stainless steel.


The brine tank was previously lined with fiberglass, but it corroded badly due to the reaction with zinc sulfate at high temperatures. In order to ensure normal use requirements, a new fiberglass liner needs to be replaced every three months. After the tank was repaired, the company used Soleil CMI heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating as lining protection, which effectively solved the tank corrosion problem and greatly extended the service life of the equipment.


Soleil CMI heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating can not only solve tank corrosion problems, but also equipment corrosion protection problems in the following industries can also be solved with this coating.


Application industry of salt water tank:


1. Transportation industry: tanker storage tank


2. Food industry: storage tanks, containers, etc.


3. Metallurgical industry: pickling tank, washing tower, etc.


4. Wastewater treatment industry: tank, purifier, condenser, neutralizer, concrete lining, etc.


5. Chemical industry: petrochemical storage tanks, tanks, containers, waste treatment, equipment lining, chemical workshop floors, etc.


6. Cement industry: related equipment involved in the desulfurization and denitrification system


7. Power industry: FGD system, flue and chimney, etc.


8. Paper industry: digester, decolorization tank, bleaching tower, etc.


Our company's salt water tanks have passed ISO9001, CANATURE HUAYU factory salt water tanks have obtained more than 10 patents, provincial high-tech awards, and passed NSF and CE certification. While based on the domestic market, the products are exported to all over the world.