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What is the function of water softeners?


What is the function of a water softener

water softener

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I don’t know if you know anything about water softeners. When it comes to water softeners, many people may not know much about them. In fact, water softeners are also a type of water purifiers. They can effectively soften water quality and are used in both industry and households. . I usually see and use electrical appliances such as water purifiers. So what is a water softener and what does a water softener do? It mainly plays a filtering role, and it can also make washed clothes more clean. white. So what are the uses of the water softener? Let's take a look at these related content, so that everyone has a good understanding of the water softener, and let's take a look at the specific introduction.


water softener


What is the function of a water softener?


Clothes washed with a water softener are whiter and fluffier, and their lifespan can be more than doubled. Clothes washed with a water softener are whiter and fluffier, and their lifespan can be more than doubled. No time after using the water heater, save time, save electricity, save energy. Effectively save more than 30% of detergents such as shampoo and washing powder.


The purpose of water softener


1. To ensure the taste of food, it is good for people's health. The medulla oblongata helps to remove the hardness ions in the water and maintain the original taste of the food. The water no longer has an unfamiliar taste, and the taste of cooking soup will be more pure. In addition, life extension not only tastes better than tap water, but also effectively prevents stone disease and reduces the burden on people's heart and kidneys.


2. Has a certain beauty and skin care effect. When taking a bath with tap water, I often find that the skin becomes tight and even a little itchy after washing. This is because hard water can clog pores when it comes in contact with the skin, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to symptoms such as cracks, itching, and dry skin. However, taking a bath with soft water will completely clean the pores and allow the skin to breathe freely, which will help exfoliate the pores and prevent skin aging.


3. Helps to clean kitchen utensils thoroughly. Usually when the glass is washed with ordinary tap water, it will be found that there are still some stains left after the glass is washed. Because the hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium in tap water are attached to the cup after the water evaporates. If the number of years is used, this will not be the case. Even if the wiping procedure is omitted, the bowl remains neat and shiny.


4. Water saving, energy saving and environmental protection: Experiments show that after 2 years of use of the same water heater, the gas water heater with extended life can save 29% of the consumption compared with the gas water heater with light water (hardness of 170PPM). The water heater saves 23% of electricity consumption compared to using light water.


The above content introduces the function of the water softener. The water softener can mainly play the role of making the clothes whiter as new, and it can also save shampoo or laundry, and also has a good effect. The function of saving time and electricity, saving energy. What are the uses of the water softener? For example, it has a certain cosmetic effect, it can also clean the kitchen utensils, and it can also ensure the freshness of the food. It turns out that it has so many functions. In general, the advantages of the water softener are quite numerous. In order to ensure its good performance, it is recommended that you do a good job of cleaning and maintenance in daily use, which can effectively prolong the service life of the water softener.