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What Is The Function Of The PE Salt Box Of The Water Softener?


What Is The Function Of The PE Salt Box Of The Water Softener?


Water softener PE salt box is mainly used to hold high concentration salt water and reactivate resin. At present, the most common water softener water treatment technology on the market is ion exchange technology. The ion exchange resin in the water softener is usually a sodium sulfonate ion exchange resin. After the raw water to be treated passes through the resin, the calcium and magnesium impurities in the water can be adsorbed in the resin to purify the water.


With the increase of water treatment capacity, more and more impurities are adsorbed, the adsorption capacity of the resin will gradually decrease, and the resin will gradually enter a state of failure. In order to remove the impurities adsorbed by the resin, it is necessary to replace the calcium and magnesium impurities adsorbed by the resin through ion exchange with sodium ions, that is, the sodium ion component in the soft water salt, and restore the adsorption capacity of the ion exchange resin by backwashing. This process is also known as ion exchange resin regeneration.



It can be seen that the soft water salt in the PE salt box plays an important role in the water softener. If there is no softening salt in the water softener, the resin will gradually fail, and the corresponding water softener will lose its function of softening and purifying water quality. It must be noted that ordinary edible salt cannot be used in the water softener, and special salt for water softener needs to be used. Due to the strong permeability of iodine to the surface of resin particles, the long-term use of iodine salt will reduce the surface strength, hardness, mechanical strength, volume expansion strength and circular curvature of the resin, and the resin is easy to break, thereby reducing the exchange capacity of the resin.