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What is the function of softening water tank?


What is the function of softening water tank


What is the function of softening water tank? The softening water tank is an ion exchange water softener with fully automatic control of operation and regeneration. It uses sodium cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water and reduce the hardness of raw water, so as to achieve the purpose of softening hard water and avoid carbonate in pipes and containers. The boiler produces scaling phenomenon. It can greatly save investment costs while ensuring smooth production. It has been widely used in the circulating make-up water of various steam boilers, hot water boilers, heat exchangers, steam condensers, air conditioners, direct combustion engines and other equipment and systems. In addition, it is also used for domestic water treatment, food, electroplating, medicine, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, textile, electronics and other industrial water treatment and as a pretreatment of desalination system. The hardness of the produced water after being treated by a single-stage or multi-stage water softener can be greatly reduced. So what is the function of softening water tank?


softening water tank


The function of softening water tank:


(1) The softened water tank is a container for storing the softened water after softening, and its production is the same as that of the general water supply tank. When an ion exchanger is used for softening water, the flow rate of raw water in the softening process should not be too large, and during the regeneration process after the failure of the exchanger, softened water cannot be produced. Therefore, it needs to be stored in the water tank and extracted at any time.


(2) The softened water tank is to soften the water for the system system. It comes out of the resin exchange tank and then enters the softened water tank, and then is pumped into the system by the make-up pump. The softened water tank refers to the softening of ordinary hard water by electronic means. The purpose is to minimize the scale of air conditioning pipes, because scale on the pipe wall will reduce the efficiency of cooling (heating). Especially in winter, it is more necessary to soften it when heating.


softening water tank


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