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What is the function of a water softener? What is a water softener for?


What is the function of a water softener? What is a water softener for?

water softener

What is the function of a water softener? What is a water softener for? With the development of society, soft water dispensers are becoming more and more popular, and soft water dispensers are commonly used training equipment. Water softeners have the advantages of reducing water hardness and other advantages, but there are still many people who do not know much about water softeners. What is a water softener? What is a water softener for? Let me introduce to you below.


water softener


The water softener mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water through ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness. Another technology is a physical training method different from the chemical ion exchange method. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are packed into crystals by high-energy polymer balls, so that the water is free of dirt. The main technology is nanocrystal technology. Compared with tap water, Yanshou has a very obvious taste and feel.


1. Beauty and skin care: Washing your face and bathing with soft water can not only completely remove the dirt in the pores, but also make the skin delicate and smooth, and the hair smooth and shiny.


2. Eat healthy: Cook with soft water soup, it is easy to absorb nutrients in food and taste better. After the soft water is boiled, the brewed coffee tastes better and the aroma is stronger.


3. Household equipment: use electric water bottles, steam irons, steam beauty instruments, humidifiers, water heaters, hot treasures, etc. to prolong life, no longer produce scale, save energy, and prolong life.


4. Laundry: Calcium and magnesium ions are attached to the surface of clothing fibers during washing, becoming hard and brittle, and clothing fibers are easily damaged and difficult to clean. Washing with soft water leaves clothes soft and clean, prolongs the life of clothes by 32%, and saves 50% of washing powder.


5. Kitchen water and sanitary facilities: The bowls and dishes in the kitchen will not leave stains after being washed, and become as bright as new, and the amount of detergent can be reduced by 53%. Toilet detergent, bathtub no longer smelt. The small holes in the shower no longer block limescale and the water flows smoothly.


Softened water is mainly used in a wide range of fields such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, heating, boilers, central air conditioning, water supply, beauty care, etc. Soft water purifiers play many roles, and soft water purifiers are of great help to daily life. Interested people can learn more about soft water purifiers and buy soft water purifiers. When buying a soft water dispenser, it is best to choose a well-known brand with after-sales service.