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What is the difference between a water purifier and a water softener?


What is the difference between a water purifier and a water softener

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There are many types of water treatment equipment, which are divided into water softeners, softener cabinet, water purifiers, water purifiers and other types. Today, CANATURE HUAYU factory briefly introduces the water purifier and water softener. What are the differences between water purifiers and water softeners, which are both water treatment equipment, and where are they responsible for each?


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Water Purifiers and Softeners


Water purifiers can be divided into vertical ultrafiltration water purifiers and horizontal ultrafiltration water purifiers according to the installation method. The vertical ultrafiltration water purifier is composed of PP cotton, granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon, external pressure ultrafiltration membrane, and T33. The horizontal ultrafiltration water purifier is composed of stainless steel shell, internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane and KDF. The water softener is mainly composed of multi-valve controller, resin tank, strong acid cation exchange resin, catcher, salt valve, salt tank, etc. The materials and structures of water dispensers and water softeners are very different, and the objects and scope of use are also different.


The water purifier is a water purification treatment equipment that filters bacteria and impurities in the water. It is mainly designed to remove floating substances, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water. A water softener is simple. A water softener is a water purification device used in softening water, for hard water, and for magnesium ions and calcium ions contained in hard water.


The water purifier uses five-stage filtration technology to turn water into water that people can drink, and the five-stage filter uses the first stage as a filter, also known as PP surface. Secondary granular activated carbon; the third stage is precision compressed activated carbon. The fourth stage is the reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane. The fifth level is post-activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. Compared with the water purifier, the water softener also uses 5 processes to realize the water purification function, light water softening. Replacement), quick wash 5 processes.


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The above is the difference between a water dispenser and a water softener. The two water purifiers are very different. In order to give full play to the water purification function of water purification equipment and ensure the quality and health of consumers' drinking water and water, it is necessary to investigate the water quality of the place of residence in detail, and purchase water treatment equipment under the guidance of experts. For more questions about water softeners, please contact CANATURE HUAYU factory.