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What is a water softener?


What is a water softener?

water softener

Fully automatic water softener is an ion exchange water softener with fully automatic control of operation and regeneration process. It uses sodium cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, reduces the hardness of raw water, and achieves the purpose of softening hard water, avoiding carbon in pipes, containers and boilers. Phenomenon of acid scaling. The investment cost can be greatly reduced, while ensuring the smooth progress of production. It is widely used in circulating make-up water of various steam boilers, hot water boilers, heat exchangers, steam condensers, air conditioners, direct smoke and other equipment and systems. In addition, it is also used as pretreatment of industrial water treatment and desalination systems such as domestic water treatment, food, electroplating, medicine, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, textile, electronics, etc. Arithmetic hardness can be greatly reduced after single or multi-stage water softener treatment. How a water softener works.


What is a water softener?


There are two commonly used training techniques during the training period. One is to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water through ion exchange resin, thereby reducing the hardness of the water. The other is the nanocrystal TAC technology TEMPLATE ASISTED CRYSTALIZIZATION using the high energy generated by nanocrystals to pack free calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions in water into nanoscale crystals, preventing glass ions from producing scale and prolonging life compared with tap water. Taste and feel, prolong life, high oxygen content, low hardness, help prevent stone disease, reduce the burden on the heart and kidneys, and are beneficial to health.


Since the hardness of water is mainly formed and expressed by calcium and magnesium, cation exchange resin (water softener) is generally used to replace Ca2 and Mg2 (the main components that form scale) in water. With the increase of Ca2 and Mg2 in the resin, the resin removes Ca2 , The efficacy of Mg2 gradually decreased.


After the resin absorbs a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated. The regeneration process is to rinse the resin layer with salt water in the salt tank, replace the hardness ions of the resin, discharge the tank with the regeneration waste liquid, and restore the softening and exchange function of the resin.


The hardness of water is mainly formed by calcium and magnesium, and the hardness of water is mainly formed by calcium and magnesium, which means that the principle of sodium ion exchange softening treatment is to pass raw water through sodium cation exchange resin. The hardness components Ca2 and Mg2 of the water are exchanged with the Na of the resin, and the Ca2 and Mg2 in the water are adsorbed to soften the water.


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