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What Factors Affect The Service Life Of Filter Element Of Purified Water Equipment?



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Due to the serious water pollution in recent years, the emergence of purified water equipment has met the water demand of each industry. It has a unique reverse osmosis filter element, which can completely remove the residual chlorine, sediment and various microbial bacteria in the water. When customers find that the water quality is poor, it is likely that the filter element is clogged or bacteria grow. What are the factors that affect the filter element of purified water equipment?


The factors affecting the filter element of purified water equipment are as follows:


1. At present, there are many kinds of filter elements for purified water equipment used by enterprises, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, RO membrane, etc. When purchasing purified water equipment, we should choose according to our own needs and local water quality.


2. No matter what kind of purified water equipment you use, the use frequency determines the filter element replacement frequency. You should know that the filtering capacity of any filter element is limited.


3. The filter element replacement cycle of high-quality purified water equipment is usually much longer than that of low-quality products. Some manufacturers put more energy into hyping the concept when producing and selling purified water equipment, but the actual purification effect is very limited. We need to make a good choice.


What Factors Affect The Service Life Of Filter Element Of Purified Water Equipment