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What are the types of FRP storage tanks?


What are the types of FRP storage tanks

FRP storage tanks

FRP storage tanks are one of the current large-scale storage tanks. Because they are all high-quality FRP tank products, they have excellent storage and air tightness. Moreover, with the large-scale application of FRP-based tank products, Everyone is more and more aware of the advantages and advantages of this product, so more products with similar uses are made of FRP material, which further enriches the variety of FRP storage tank products. FRP storage tanks can be divided into 3 main types according to their different uses.



The main types of FRP tanks currently on the market are:


1. FRP water supply tank: The design of the tank is very flexible. The inner and outer walls of the tank are made of glass materials with different characteristics. In addition to water supply, the performance is very stable, and it can also hold many liquid substances;


2. Glass fiber reinforced plastic fire tank: This tank can be used in places that are easy to catch fire and have high-level fire protection requirements, which can play a good role in fire prevention and rapid fire extinguishing;


3. FRP pressure tank: This type of tank has high requirements on the thickness of the tank wall, the anti-leakage effect, and the overall pressure resistance and temperature range.


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