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What Are The Structural Layers Of Frp Storage Tanks?


What Are The Structural Layers Of Frp Storage Tanks

Frp Storage Tanks



The structure of FRP storage tank is roughly divided into four layers: inner lining layer, secondary inner layer, reinforcing layer and outer protective layer.

Function of FRP tank lining: it is usually a resin rich layer composed of polyester surface felt and lining resin. The resin content is 80% - 90%, and the large container is more than 90%. It is an anti-seepage and anti-corrosion coating with good air tightness and high smoothness.

The function of the second inner layer of FRP storage tank: (also known as the intermediate corrosion resistant layer) is usually reinforced with resin lining and woven felt. The resin content is 68% - 78% and that of large containers is 75 ± 3%. In addition to corrosion resistance, it is more important to protect the inner lining to protect or prevent the crack propagation of the inner lining.

Structural layer of FRP storage tank: the structural resin is penetrated with alkali free twistless glass fiber winding yarn, and then wound through the combination of hoop and cross to form the structure. The resin content is 25% - 40%, and the large container is 35 ± 5%. The function is to bear various pressures and external loads. The wall thickness is calculated by the designer of our company with reference to the technical specifications and engineering drawings provided by you, using the software and database imported from Italy, and through reasonable scientific calculation according to the design specifications of glass fiber reinforced plastics. Finally, the circumferential stress, axial stress and bending Poisson's ratio coefficient are determined.

The outer surface layer of FRP tank can protect the tank from external corrosion and aging. The resin content shall not be less than 70%.