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The Water Softener Has So Many Functions, Why Can't You Go Into The Kitchen?


The Water Softener Has So Many Functions

Why Can't You Go Into The Kitchen


Why do washed clothes harden? Why do you use soap so quickly at home? Didn't feel very comfortable after taking a bath? Because you lack a water softener. The function of water softener is great. There is a disadvantage. It doesn't seem to be very useful in the kitchen. Why can't the water softener enter the kitchen?

Let's see what the softener does first:

When the tap water is hard, there will be many problems. The most common is a thick layer of scale in the kettle. Long term drinking is easy to cause stones and affect health. At the same time, domestic water equipment will often scale, affecting the service life. As the "terminator of scale" and the "magic weapon of beauty and beauty" - household water softener, the entry of water softener into the family represents the gradual improvement of people's quality of life. Household water softener is also becoming more and more popular in China. Many families regard household water softener as a magic weapon of healthy water, and drinking it is also its use. Here will give you popular science. The water treated by household water softener is best to be treated and drunk through water purifier, Don't drink directly.

Soft water machine wash your face well, why can't you go into the kitchen?

Compared with tap water, soft water has very obvious taste and hand feeling. Soft water has high oxygen content and low hardness, which can effectively prevent stone disease, reduce the burden of heart and kidney, and is beneficial to health. Soft water bath, shampoo and face wash are smooth and delicate, which can protect the skin of infants and young children. It can also make the investment in beauty, hairdressing and skin care get twice the result with half the effort.

Soft water laundry is clean, fluffy, gorgeous, without residual washing and taste, and the service life of clothes can be extended by more than 15%. Washing tableware and tea set with soft water is crystal clear, and there are no stains in washbasin and bathtub, which can save a lot of detergent and labor.

The water softener mainly solves the scale problem caused by hard water. It is a softened water equipment for removing water alkali. It uses the principle of ion exchange to remove the hardness (water alkali) by more than 99%, and can soften all the water in the whole family. The use of water softener can make other domestic water equipment (wall mounted furnace, radiator, water heater, solar energy, etc.) never scale and block, and have a longer service life. It can minimize the maintenance cost of water equipment and water pipeline, fuel cost and detergent purchase cost, and eliminate the potential safety hazards and equipment loss caused by scale. Sanitary facilities (glass bath room, mirror, bathtub, toilet, etc.) use soft water with less scaling, which can keep bright and white as new for a long time. However, softened water generally uses sodium to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Excessive intake of sodium salt will affect the intake of other electrolytes, which is bad for the electrolyte balance of the human body. According to the research, it is reasonable to take about four grams of sodium salt every day. Therefore, the water filtered by the water softener can not be drunk directly, and it is not suitable for household daily drinking water and kitchen cooking water.

Soft water should be a kind of high-quality domestic water (washing clothes, bathing, cleaning, etc.). The water filtered by the water softener only filters out the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. It can't remove the bacteria and suspended solids in the water, so it can't be drunk directly.

Why can't the water softener enter the kitchen?

When the water filtered by the household water softener is boiled, it only kills some organic substances such as viruses and bacteria. The relative content of sodium ions is high, so it is not recommended to drink it directly.

The domestic water softener only removes the hardness of water, softens the water quality and solves the trouble of domestic water. To really solve the drinking water problem, it is necessary to install a domestic water purifier to fully filter the harmful substances in the water and meet the national standard of direct drinking.

Of course, if conditions permit, the whole house water purification system can meet all your water requirements!


The Water Softener Has So Many Functions, Why Can't You Go Into The Kitchen?