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The role of water softener salt tank


The role of water softener salt tank


The water softener salt tank is mainly used to soak high-concentration salt water to reactivate the resin. At present, the most common water treatment technology for soft water dispensers on the market is ion exchange technology. The ion exchange resin of the training machine is usually a sodium sulfonate ion exchange resin. After the raw water to be treated passes through the resin, the Ca and Mg impurities in the water can be adsorbed on the resin to achieve the purpose of purifying the water.


As the water throughput increases, more and more impurities are adsorbed, the adsorption capacity of the resin gradually decreases, and the resin gradually fails. In order to remove the impurities adsorbed by the resin, sodium ions, that is, the sodium ion component of soft salts, are required. It is necessary to replace the Ca and Mg impurities adsorbed on the resin with ion exchange to restore the ion exchange resin by backwashing.


Therefore, the softening salt in the salt tank plays an important role in the softening period. If there is no softening salt during the training period, the resin will gradually become ineffective, and the corresponding training period will also lose its function of softening and purifying water. It must be noted that the soft dispenser cannot use ordinary table salt, and must use the special salt for the soft dispenser. Iodine has a strong penetrating power to the surface of resin particles, so long-term use of iodine salt will reduce the surface strength, hardness, mechanical strength, volume expansion strength, circular curvature of the resin, and the resin is easily broken, thereby reducing the exchange capacity of the resin.


It was CANATURE HUAYU factory that briefly introduced the role of the softener salt tank. If you want to know more about the soft water purifier, and want to know more about the soft water purifier salt tank, you can contact us, and I will answer questions about the soft water purifier salt tank at any time.