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The role of softened water treatment


The role of softened water treatment

softened water

The soft water treatment equipment uses the principle of ion exchange to remove the ions of calcium, magnesium and other dirt in the water. It is an integrated equipment composed of a common controller, a resin tank and a brine tank. Its function is as follows:


The role of softened water treatment


1. The use of softened water equipment saves a lot of fuel waste


After the boiler is stained with scale, a boiler with a working pressure of 1.4MPa will produce 1mm of scale, wasting 8% of the fuel.


Demineralized water equipment improves thermal efficiency and reduces output.


When there is scale on the evaporation surface of the boiler, the heat on the fire side cannot be quickly transferred to the water supply surface, which will reduce the power of the boiler. The water is not properly treated, the boiler is dirty, the evaporation capacity of the boiler is reduced by a third, and the gas supply is insufficient to drive the autonomous work boat.


3. The use of softened water equipment reduces boiler maintenance


Scale on boiler plates or pipes can be difficult to remove. In particular, scale can cause leakage, cracking, damage, deformation, corrosion and other diseases of the boiler. It not only damages the boiler, but also spends a lot of manpower and material resources for maintenance, which not only shortens the running time, but also increases the maintenance cost.


The application of softened water equipment compromises safety.


Boiler water intake accidents account for more than 20% of the total boiler accidents, which not only cause equipment losses, but also threaten personal safety. Capital and operating costs for water treatment accounted for a quarter of the savings. pure water


The role of softened water treatment


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