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The many advantages of buying FRP tanks have been recognized by users


The many advantages of buying FRP tanks have been recognized by users

FRP tanks

In daily life, it is more common to buy defective products when we buy things. Although now is the era of the rule of law, there are still many black-hearted factories. Especially for new products such as FRP Tank, when customers do not understand new high-quality materials, they use short-term benefits to put a large number of counterfeit products on the market, disrupting the market. The following is a detailed introduction by CANATURE HUAYU factory.



(1) Lack of understanding of the product, especially the composition of raw materials, chemical structure and basic cost of the product;

(2) FRP tanks manufacturers are often in a negligible position in the overall project, regardless of the proportion of funds or the level of attention.

(3) There is no simple way to judge the pros and cons. Correct judgment requires the product to be sent to a special inspection department for inspection, which conflicts with the project schedule and time.

(4) A large number of glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks are set as underground concealed projects. Once buried in the ground, they will not be easily excavated, and counterfeit products can easily avoid the identification of acceptance personnel.

(5) The punishment is too light. Compared with the huge benefits, the entry barriers and penalties of the industry are incomparable. Some companies have been investigated for many times and still act recklessly in the market.

The above are the precautions when buying glass fiber reinforced plastic cans, I hope to help everyone.