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Soft water principle and benefits of water softener


Soft water principle and benefits of water softener

water softener

1. Soft water principle of water softener


Soft water salt is mainly used in water softeners. When the water softener processes raw water, calcium, magnesium and other ions will be adsorbed in the resin. With the increase of the adsorption amount, the adsorption capacity of the resin will decrease. It needs to be washed with salt water to regenerate and restore the resin and restore the softener's ability to soften hard water. The soft water salt is specially processed, which can effectively remove calcium, magnesium ions and other water-alkali impurities in the saturated resin, regenerate the reduced resin, and make the water more clean.


The water softening principle of the water softener is that the sodium resin releases sodium ions in the water to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Of course, after the sodium ions of the resin are consumed, it needs to be soaked in high-concentration salt water, and the resin is reverse exchanged and can be reused. In this way, the working process of the water softener In order to consume salt, you need to add salt to supplement it.


The water softener mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water through ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness. Another technology is the physical softening method, which is different from the chemical ion exchange method. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are packaged into crystals by high-energy polymer balls to exist in the water, so that they do not scale in the water. The main technology is nanocrystalline technology. Compared with tap water, soft water has a very obvious taste and feel.


2. The benefits of a water softener


Women often use water that has been treated with a water softener to wash their faces, bathe, etc., which can have the effect of beauty and beauty. The dirt in the skin, as well as the residual cosmetics, etc., will be more thoroughly cleaned after being cleaned with soft water, and the cleanliness will be high. In addition, the body does not appear tight after bathing, and the moisturizing property is also good. Hair washed with soft water is smoother and prevents static electricity from appearing. Drinking soft water regularly can reduce gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, such as stones, constipation and other diseases.


The water treated by the water softener has a better taste when we drink it. Whether it is making tea or brewing coffee, we can enjoy a more pure taste. Water your flowers with this water, and the flowers will look better and be healthier. Using this kind of water to cook rice, the time is short, and the aroma of the rice is great. Stir-frying can also enjoy a more natural taste and less nutrient loss. Used to wash clothes, the color is more limited, and it can also play an anti-static effect.


The above is the water softening principle and benefits of the water softener introduced to you. I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the water softener. Although the water softener is not as thorough as the water purifier, it can reduce dirt and soften the water, so that our body is healthier, our intestines are better, and we have a better quality of life. Hope everyone can live a happy and healthy life.