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Is the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank harmful to the body?


Is the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank harmful to the body

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The main application of FRP water tank is to store water in production and life. For example, it is widely used in ordinary residences, commercial and residential buildings, and office buildings. It can also be used in various places such as institutions, elementary schools, and unit hotels. It can also supply Fire-fighting water storage, in short, water tanks of this material can be used in various environments that need to store water. So, is the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank harmful to the body? Now let China CANATURE HUAYU Factory introduce it to you in detail.


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FRP tanks can be divided into: FRP water tanks, vertical storage tanks, hydrochloric acid storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks, handling tanks, sulfuric acid storage tanks, fermentation tanks, chemical storage tanks, anti-corrosion storage tanks, FRP mixing tanks, Nitrate water storage tanks , gas storage tanks, liquid ammonia storage tanks, etc.


FRP water tank solves the problems of heavy concrete water tank, easy leakage, easy to grow moss and steel plate water tank, easy to rust, anti-rust coating peeling off and pollute water quality, etc. Products, gradually replaced the traditional material water tank to occupy the market. FRP water tanks are an indispensable part of public water supply systems such as industrial and mining enterprises and civil residences. At present, there are mainly concrete and steel water tanks in my country, but the leakage and scaling of concrete water tanks and the corrosion of steel water tanks have a great impact on the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic fire water tanks. pollution and cannot meet water quality standards.


The material of the glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank is related to the health of the people, so it must meet the relevant hygiene requirements. Generally, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank products cannot be used to store drinking water without the monitoring and approval of the health monitoring department due to their high low molecular content.


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Through the above introduction to "Whether the FRP water tank is harmful to the body", I believe you should have some understanding of the FRP water tank. China CANATURE HUAYU Brine Tank Factory is a manufacturer of Water Filter FRP Tank for decades. We test each product many times to ensure the quality is safe and reliable, and has passed the ISO national certification, so that every customer can rest assured.