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Ion Exchange Column, Another Analytical Idea


Ion Exchange Column

Another Analytical Idea



Ion exchange chromatography refers to that the stationary phase of ion exchange chromatography column contains charged groups. These charged groups bind to opposite charged ions in the sample through electrostatic interaction. If there are other ion mobile phases with opposite charges, when the sample enters the chromatographic column, the mobile phase ions of the sample ions compete with each other in the charge position on the surface of the stationary phase, and the sample components are separated due to the difference of competitiveness.

According to the types of some ion groups that make up the stationary phase, ion exchange chromatographic columns are mainly divided into cation exchange columns and anion exchange columns. For strong cation chromatographic column, the commonly used group is SO3 -, which is the commonly used group of strong anion chromatographic column. The group is - n (CH3) 3 +.


Organic modifiers such as acetonitrile and methanol can be used in sax and SCX columns;

The retention time of the sample can be controlled by changing the pH value, ionic strength and the content of organic modifier;

The applicable pH range is 2.0-7.0;

High column efficiency and fast analysis speed.