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Industrial reverse osmosis FRP membrane housing


Industrial reverse osmosis FRP membrane housing

FRP membrane housing

What are the characteristics of the industrial reverse osmosis FRP membrane housing?


Industrial reverse osmosis FRP membrane housing is one of the important components of reverse osmosis water treatment device. According to different materials, it can be divided into glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, stainless steel shell, etc. The FRP shell has good corrosion resistance and hygienic performance, and at the same time, the product design is strong, the dimensional accuracy is stable, and the surface quality is high. At present, the international reverse osmosis membrane shell is mainly made of FRP. So what are the characteristics of the reverse osmosis FRP membrane shell?


1. The edge performance is very good;


2. Strong corrosion resistance;


3. Excellent interior quality;


4. reliability of parts;


5. High-quality product comprehensive performance.


The thermal conductivity of industrial reverse osmosis FRP membrane shells is generally about 1/200 in the range of 0.15 ~ 1.36 w (M . K) at room temperature. Its thermal properties cannot be compared with metallic materials. This feature helps a lot with the semipermeable membrane inside the membrane shell, and the external temperature doesn't have much effect on the minimal effect.


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