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Importance Of Regular Inspection Of Frp Tanks


Importance Of Regular Inspection Of Frp Tanks



Do you know the importance of regular inspection of FRP tanks?

1. To input the FRP tank for maintenance, first seal all feed valves, exhaust and clean the tank, and exhaust and clean the tank body. After testing, it is confirmed that there is no toxic gas in the tank. When entering the tank, consumers should wear soft soled shoes, fasten the safety belt, and fasten the other end of the safety belt to the top of the tank. Pay attention to the ventilation in the tank. The operation inside the tank must be stopped under the supervision of the outside of the tank.

2. Before climbing, check the external ladder, lift car and guardrail of FRP tank to ensure its safety and reliability. In case of any abnormality, climbing is strictly prohibited.

3. During maintenance, do not load products on the top of the oil tank or apply external force on the receiver.

4. In order to prevent tools and equipment from touching the tank wall, please use the same ladders, metal parts and cushions as the contact part of the tank wall to prevent scratching or damaging the inner wall.

5. FRP tanks used outdoors will be aged due to the aging of the outer surface layer after many years of use, and the resin layer will peel off or the fiber will be exposed.

It is recommended to coat the outer surface of the storage tank with antioxidant and UV absorbent resin every two to three years to prevent aging and prolong the service life. During the safety inspection of FRP tank, please pay special attention to the safety results, and check all equipment before suspending the maintenance of FRP tank.