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How To Realize Intelligent Control Of Automatic Water Softening Equipment?


How To Realize Intelligent Control Of Automatic Water Softening Equipment?


Based on the functions of the original water softening equipment, the fully automatic water softening equipment can realize more intelligent control of the equipment. At present, there are two common control modes for fully automatic water softening equipment in the market, namely, time control and flow control. The time control equipment sets the regeneration time according to the actual water consumption and equipment exchange capacity. When the regeneration time is reached, the regeneration process is automatically started.


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Users can set the regeneration process at a suitable time for their own use according to their personal needs, and can also start the regeneration process manually at any time according to their needs. Compared with flow control, this kind of equipment is cheaper, because the control method is simple and easy to operate. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious: due to the simple control mode, generally it can only be regenerated once every 24 hours, so this kind of equipment is mainly suitable for low hardness (less than 4mmol/l), stable water consumption (water consumption fluctuation does not exceed 15%), low effluent requirements and small water consumption.


Unlike time control equipment, flow control equipment sets the operation end point according to the exchange capacity (total water production) of the equipment. During the operation of the softened water equipment, the special flowmeter is used to count the outflow water. When the total water output reaches the set water volume, the controller will automatically start the regeneration process. However, before setting such equipment, it is necessary to calculate the total water production of each cycle according to the total resin filling amount and raw water hardness, and set it according to this value. When the set water volume is reached, regeneration can be carried out immediately as required or wait until a set time. This kind of softened water equipment is more suitable for the fluctuation of water quantity and quality than time control equipment, and the control is more accurate and stable. This control mode is more applicable to the water use with high requirements, such as fuel oil, gas-fired boiler, central air conditioning, etc.