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How to properly use and maintain Brine Tank and softening tank?


How to properly use and maintain Brine Tank and softening tank

Brine Tank

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Brine Tank and softening tank are the two most important parts of softened water equipment. In order to maintain stable operation effect of softened water equipment, correct operation and maintenance of Brine Tank and softening barrel are required. In order to tell you how to use and maintain the Brine Tank and softened water tank of softened water equipment, I will introduce the following small preparation.


How to properly use and maintain Brine Tank and softening tank


1. Use and maintenance of the salt shaker


The softened water equipment is equipped with a dissolved Brine Tank, and its main function is regeneration. Most of the materials are PVC or stainless steel, other materials must be cleaned regularly in order to keep clean for long-term use.


2. Use and maintenance of softening tank


The softening tank is an important sealing device in the softening water equipment process. It is made of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic. The softening barrel contains a certain amount of cation exchange resin. Its main function is that when the source flows through the resin layer, the cation resin in the water will undergo a replacement reaction, thereby reducing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.


The above is the use and maintenance method of the Brine Tank and the softened water tank of the softened water equipment. After going through the details of the salt and softener tanks in this article, please work harder to maintain and use the softened water equipment. CANATURE HUAYU factory is committed to the research and development and production of softened water equipment, and provides users with high-quality products and services in an all-round way. The softened water equipment produced can provide customers with industrial softened water that meets national standards.