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How To Fill The FRP Filter Tank With Filter Media


How To Fill The FRP Filter Tank With Filter Media

FRP Filter Tank

The FRP filter tank is manufactured by advanced winding technology and has an integral thermoplastic lining. Compared with steel containers of the same specification, FRP containers have the advantages of light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation and installation, good anti-seepage performance and so on. Long service life and other characteristics.


The FRP filter tank is filled with activated carbon and can be assembled into an activated carbon filter to adsorb free chlorine in water (adsorption capacity is 99%) and remove organic matter and chromaticity in water. In order to ensure good filtration effect and effluent quality, pay attention to the following points when filling filter media in the tank.


The bottom of the filter media in the FRP filter tank can be filled with 0.15-0.4m high quartz sand. As the supporting layer, the quartz sand particles can reach 20-40mm, and the quartz sand can be filled with 1.0-1.5m granular activated carbon. The thickness of filter layer is generally 1000-2000mm.


Before loading, the bottom filter media quartz sand shall be subject to solution stability test. After soaking for 24 hours, the following requirements shall be met: the increase of total solid phase shall not exceed 20mg / L; The increase of oxygen consumption shall not exceed 10mg / L; After soaking in alkaline medium, the increase of silica shall not exceed 10mg / L.


The quartz sand shall be carefully cleaned after being put into the tank. The water flow shall be washed from top to bottom, and the dirty water shall be drained from bottom to bottom. After the water is clarified, the granular activated carbon filter media shall be filled, and then cleaned. The water should be flushed from bottom to top. Dirty water is discharged from the upper part.

In this way, it is considered that the filter media in the FRP filter tank has been filled, and it can be put into use after adjusting the parameters of the regulating valve.