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How long can FRP storage tanks be used


How long can FRP storage tanks be used

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FRP storage tanks have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and long life. They can also be flexibly designed and used in different industries such as chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, so how long can FRP storage tanks be used? Woolen cloth? How to extend its service life?


How long can FRP storage tanks be used


The glass fiber reinforced plastic tank is a non-metallic composite tank body made of resin and glass fiber wound by a microcomputer controlled machine. The normal service life of a mechanically wound glass fiber reinforced plastic tank is 8 to 15 years, and the length of service life is related to the quality of the product, installation There is a very important relationship between the basis, the chemical properties of the stored substance, the storage amount, and the standardized operation.


Some users reported that the FRP tanks they purchased were not as promised by the manufacturer, and could be used for decades. In fact, this has a lot to do with how they are used and what they are used for. If it is improperly handled or stored with highly corrosive materials, the service life will be relatively shortened. Therefore, when buying FRP tanks, you should ask the service life clearly, explain your purpose clearly, and carefully understand the operating rules to ensure its normal service life.


In order to ensure the service life of FRP storage tanks, the following points should be done:


1. The FRP storage tank should keep the vent hole open or maintain normal pressure inside the tank during use: This is because many quality accidents of the storage tank are mostly due to the process of the storage tank pumping material, due to the vent hole. Blockage, negative pressure is generated inside the FRP tank, causing internal suction damage, so keeping the vent hole open or maintaining the normal pressure inside the tank is very important for the life of the FRP tank.


2. It is not advisable to move frequently during the use of the FRP storage tank: this is because if the FRP storage tank moves frequently after a period of use, the axial stress of the structural layer of the FRP tank will be damaged, which will reduce the strength of the tank and affect the FRP tank. service life.


3. The glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank should be effectively covered: this is because the long-term irradiation of ultraviolet rays will degrade the resin and reduce the strength. At the same time, due to the erosion of the surface of the FRP tank by wind, rain and frost, the resin will degrade, so that the glass fiber in the FRP tank will be eroded and dissolved under the action of micro-cracks and interfaces, which will accelerate the aging process and reduce the strength. Effective coverage to extend the life of the fiberglass storage tank.


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In short, when using FRP tanks, we must follow the operation instructions, try to load some objects that meet the requirements of FRP tanks, and at the same time regularly perform internal and external maintenance on FRP tanks, so as to make the FRP tanks have a longer service life.