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How a water softener works


How a water softener works

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Now that people's quality of life has improved, and the requirements for water have also increased, water softeners are more and more popular. It can make our water more comfortable and the water softener can remove impurities from the water, which is good for health. A water softener has a long lifespan. Enough for us to feel at ease for a few years or a decade. No need for a new water softener. This water softener is fully automatic. We don't need to learn to use it. Can be used normally. The water softener works very efficiently. Don't worry about consuming a lot of energy. Water softeners are very green products.



The water softener mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water through ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness. Compared with tap water, Yanshou has a very obvious taste and feel. It has high oxygen content and low hardness, which helps prevent stone disease, reduces the burden on the heart and kidneys, and is beneficial to health. It can be used for make-up water equipment such as steam boilers, hot water boilers, air conditioners, steam condensers, and heat exchangers.


1. Ion exchange method Combustible water equipment applies ion exchange technology, through the exchange of functional ions on the resin with calcium and magnesium ions in water, to absorb excess calcium and magnesium ions in water, to achieve the purpose of removing water (calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate).


2. The existing maintenance methods include soft water, water cups, teapots, bathtubs, and water heads no longer produce scale, so it is easy to clean. The water pipes in the home no longer produce scale, the life of the water heater becomes longer, and the use time becomes longer, so the flow of hot water will not become smaller and smaller. The number of years of use can reduce the use of detergents such as detergents and soaps, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance cost of water pipes. Compared with washing in light water, the life of clothes may be increased by 32%, and clothes are not easy to turn yellow after washing, and white shirts are whiter , the blue shirt is bluer and more vibrant in color.


3. The physical packaging method uses nanocrystalline high-energy polymer balls to package calcium, magnesium ions, bicarbonate, etc. in water, and package them into water-insoluble nanocrystals to inhibit scale production. Nanocrystalline water softener is a green water softener that does not use electricity, water, salt, or chemical additives, while suppressing highly efficient dirt, while preserving minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.


How a water softener works


The above is the working principle of the water softener shared by CANATURE HUAYU factory. I hope it can help you understand the nature and principle of the water softener. A little more understanding of the working principle of the water softener will help you choose a suitable water softener, but choosing a water softener is not only about the brand, but also the quality and after-sales service are very important factors, a suitable water softener can be brought to your family. healthy.