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FRP tanks play an important role in environmental protection?


FRP tanks play an important role in environmental protection?

FRP tanks

1. The influence of fiber diameter and length of FRP tank on tensile strength. Generally speaking, the thinner the diameter of the glass fiber, the higher the tensile strength. But at different drawing temperatures, the fiber strength of the same diameter is also different. The effect of price diameter and length on the tensile strength of FRP can be explained by the microcrack hypothesis. As the fiber diameter and length decrease, the microcracks in the fiber will correspondingly decrease, so the strength of the fiber will increase.


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2. Assuming that the theoretical strength of glass depends on the attraction between molecules or atoms, its theoretical strength is high, but 200-1200kgf/mm, however, the measured strength is low. The strength is greatly reduced due to the presence of different numbers and sizes of microcracks in the glass or glass fibers. Microcracks are distributed within the overall volume of the glass. The glass fibers are much stronger than the bulk glass because the glass fibers reduce the glass solution during high temperature forming The inhomogeneity of fiberglass tank manufacturers reduces the chance of micro-cracks, in addition, the fiberglass portion is smaller, as the surface area decreases, the possibility of micro-cracks decreases, so the strength increases, which is why the fiberglass tank strength High. As a glass fiber tank, its tensile strength is a very important physical index. The strength of the piece of glass is not high and it is easy to break. The drawn glass fiber is not only soft, but also greatly improved in strength.