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FRP large storage tank


FRP large storage tank

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As the name suggests, a large FRP storage tank is a very large FRP storage tank. How big is a large storage tank? FRP large storage tanks are mostly used in petroleum, chemical, food brewing, medicine and other fields. They are generally made on site. Because they are too large to be transported, large FRP containers made of fiber winding are made of thermosetting resin as the matrix and glass fiber as the reinforcing material. Continuous fiber winding plus jet yarn and hoop winding, advanced technology, reasonable structure and superior performance.


large FRP storage tank


How big is a glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank?


I am not particularly clear about this concept, so I searched for it. The encyclopedia of large oil storage tanks says that a large oil storage tank refers to a tank with a capacity of more than 100 cubic meters, consisting of tank walls, tank tops, tank bottoms and tank accessories. Consists of large containers for storing crude oil or other petroleum products. The large oil storage tank is a container for storing oil products. It is the main equipment of the oil depot and is mainly used in oil refineries, oil fields, oil depots and other industries.


However, the above explanation is only for oil storage tanks. I don't know whether it is suitable for other types of storage tanks, so I found another one. It is said that it is classified according to size: 50m3 or more are large storage tanks, and more Vertical storage tanks; small storage tanks below 50m 3 , mostly horizontal storage tanks.


I feel this is reliable, but there is the same sentence in the basic concept of a storage tank: classification by size: large storage tanks above 100m3 are mostly vertical storage tanks; those below 100m3 are small storage tanks, mostly Horizontal storage tank.


Therefore, it can be basically determined that either 50 cubic meters or 100 cubic meters is a watershed for large storage tanks.


It is always stated, I think, whether it is 50 or 100, it is actually quite big. I estimate that 50 may be the standard a long time ago. Now with the development of the economy, 100 can meet people's needs, so With these two statements.


But whether it is 50 or 100, it is considered a large storage tank.


Then let's talk about the large glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks are generally vertical storage tanks, why is this?


In fact, it is not to say that large storage tanks do not have horizontal types. This depends on the actual needs of customers to determine whether vertical or horizontal types are needed. Here is the difference between them.


Vertical has vertical advantages. The biggest advantage is that it occupies a small area. When choosing a storage tank, there is no standard answer to choose a horizontal storage tank or a vertical storage tank. It depends on factors, including the volume of the stored material, design pressure, site restrictions and other factors. It is not necessarily the best choice, which mainly depends on the actual situation.


Therefore, if the factory area is limited and more storage is required, vertical storage tanks are selected; if the factory area is large and does not need to be stored too much, it is better to choose horizontal storage tanks.


FRP large storage tank


Large FRP storage tank is a large FRP container used in petroleum, chemical, food brewing, medicine, etc. It has all the characteristics of FRP tanks: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and has its unique characteristics: volume Large, small footprint (because large FRP storage tanks are generally vertical storage tanks), no transportation, convenient installation, low maintenance costs, users can supervise production and other advantages, it is favored by chemical companies.