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FRP filter tank manufacturer


FRP filter tank manufacturer

FRP filter tank

Jiangsu Kaineng Huayu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a FRP filter tank manufacturer that has passed NSF/CE certification, located in Gaocheng Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. Mainly produces 6-83 inch full series of glass fiber reinforced plastic filter tank, quartz sand filter tank, activated carbon filter tank, multi-media filter tank, there are more than 80 kinds of different specifications.


FRP filter tank manufacturer


FRP filter tanks are mainly used in the water treatment process, the pre-treatment of water treatment to remove turbidity, softened water, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, and can also be used for surface water, groundwater, sediment removal, etc. The FRP filter tank can remove large suspended solids in the water, thereby reducing the SDI value of the water and meeting the water quality requirements of deep purification.


In addition, some FRP filter tanks also have a special discharge port, which is more convenient to replace the filter material.


As a manufacturer engaged in the production of FRP filter tanks for more than 20 years, HUAYU has stable quality and perfect after-sales service. In addition to manufacturing its own brand, it can also provide OEM services for customers.


Application range of glass fiber reinforced plastic filter tank


1. The glass fiber reinforced plastic filter tank is used in the living and fire water of ordinary houses, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, institutions, schools, hotels, etc.;


2. Production and domestic water for industrial and mining enterprises;


3. Various types of circulating water, cooling water and hot water supply system water;


4. Acid-base reserve.