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Do You Know The Service Life Of Frp Tanks?


Do You Know The Service Life Of Frp Tanks

Frp Tanks

The normal life of FRP tanks is between 10 and 15 years. FRP storage tank is a kind of non-metallic composite storage tank, which is made of tree fingers and glass fiber. The service life of FRP storage tank is closely related to its installation foundation and standard operation. Conventional manufacturers have a set of technical guidance plans from design to installation and use. All details have strict implementation standards to ensure the long service life of FRP storage tanks.

As the FRP storage tank is wound as a whole, the positive pressure strength is relatively strong and the negative pressure capacity is relatively weak. Especially those FRP tanks over 2000mm. Many quality accidents of FRP storage tanks are mainly due to the process of pumping FRP storage tanks. Due to the blockage of ventilation holes or vents, negative pressure will be generated inside the FRP storage tank, resulting in internal suction damage.

Therefore, it is very important for the service life of FRP tank to keep the vent unblocked or maintain the normal pressure inside the FRP tank. During use, do not move the FRP storage tank frequently, as this will cause axial stress to damage the structural layer of the FRP storage tank. Reduce the strength of storage tank and affect the service life of FRP storage tank.