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Daily Cleaning Method Of Softened Water Equipment?


Daily Cleaning Method Of Softened Water Equipment?

Softened Water Equipment

The softening water equipment uses na+ ion to replace ca+ ion and mg+ ion in the effluent to reduce the hardness of the water and meet the requirements of the required water quality. Generally, cation and anion exchange resin is used for softening. With the decrease of na+ ion in the cation resin and the increase of the specific gravity of ca+ ion and mg+ ion, the softening exchange function decreases. However, after the resin in the softened water equipment absorbs a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated. The regeneration process is to wash the resin layer with salt water in the salt tank, replace the hardness ions on the resin, and discharge them out of the tank with the regenerated waste liquid, so that the resin can restore the softening and exchange function activity and achieve reuse.


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What are the methods for daily cleaning of softened water equipment? The method is as follows:

1. Chemical Cleaning Method

Under what circumstances is this method used? When the membrane surface of the softened water equipment is covered by some microorganisms or inorganic substances, which affects the operation capacity, chemical cleaning of the membrane of the purified water equipment is a method to protect the purified water equipment system.


2. Low Pressure Washing Technique

The second is the low-pressure washing technology cleaning method. In general, after long-term use of the equipment, the purified water equipment will be polluted and the equipment will not work normally. Therefore, the low-pressure washing technology cleaning method is required.


3. Stop Equipment Operation Protection Law

For long-term operation of the equipment, the reverse osmosis pure water equipment technology will fluctuate. Once the pure water equipment is treated unreasonably, the membrane performance of the equipment will decline, which may seriously lead to its failure to use. We take protective measures in a short time, and appropriately stopping the equipment is also a method of equipment cleaning and protection.