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Common Problems And Solutions Of Water Softener Equipment


Common Problems And Solutions Of Water Softener Equipment


One of the water softeners is to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water through ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness. Another technology is the physical softening method, which is different from the chemical ion exchange method. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are packaged into crystals by high-energy polymer balls to exist in the water, so that they do not scale in the water.



The composition of the softened water device The water softener equipment consists of three major components:


1.Water softener equipment resin tank and resin - filtering hard water becomes an essential component of soft water. Through the principle of ion exchange, potassium and sodium ions replace calcium and magnesium ions, and hardness ions in water are removed.


2.Water softener equipment salt tank and salt suction valve - after the resin fails, it is replaced by high-concentration salt water, so that the resin can be regenerated, and the water softener equipment can be used repeatedly for a long time.


3. Water softener equipment control valve - realize the automation of the regeneration process, and realize the humanized value-added functions of the household water softener. Whether it is an integrated or split water softener equipment, how the appearance of the product changes, these three components will not change.