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Classification of FRP water tanks


Classification of FRP water tanks

FRP water tanks

The FRP water tank is assembled by SMC molded water tank board. Due to the use of food resins, it has the characteristics of good water quality, cleanliness, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, long service time, and convenient maintenance and management.


FRP water tanks


FRP water tank is divided into FRP assembled FRP water tank and smc water tank. The smc water tank is light in weight, no rust, no leakage, good water quality, wide range of use, long service life, good thermal insulation performance, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and cleaning. Easy maintenance and strong adaptability. It is an ideal product for public life, fire water and industrial water storage facilities.


The structural design of the combined water tank is mainly determined by the calculation of structural strength and stiffness. The design requirements are beautiful appearance, convenient construction, and easy overall assembly and disassembly. The plate structure is reinforced by a spherical shape. Compared with steel water tanks and concrete water tanks, it has its own Although the initial investment of the combined water tank is larger than that of the traditional water tank, it will be welcomed by the majority of users due to its advantages of small weight, convenient installation, easy maintenance and cleaning.


Developed countries in the world have rarely used steel plates and concrete water tanks.


In Japan, smc water tanks appeared in 1962, and JS standards were formulated in 1980. After 1986, more than 90% of high-rise buildings used smc combined water tanks;


The United States adopted the smc water tank in the 1970s, and in 1984, the American National Standard was formulated.


Some countries in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other places also widely use smc water tanks. In recent years, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hainan and other places in my country have also vigorously advocated the application of some smc water tanks, and the initial use effect is good.


The glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank has the advantages of no leakage, no deformation, no pollution, long service life, etc., and it is easy to assemble and beautiful in appearance. It can be assembled into water tanks of different tonnages according to the needs of users.


Water FRP tank can also be divided into: SMC FRP water tank, FRP integral water tank, FRP assembled water tank, FRP living water tank, FRP fire water tank, FRP insulation water tank, etc.


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