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Brief introduction of performance characteristics of reverse osmosis glass fiber reinforced plastic film shell


Brief introduction of performance characteristics of reverse osmosis glass fiber reinforced plastic film shell

RO membrane

Computer-controlled equipment creates the reverse osmosis fiberglass membrane enclosure. These machines, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, ensure the quality of production quality. In recent years, the demand for glass fiber reinforced plastic shells has been increasing, and this system can meet the needs of the market. The 4-inch fiberglass enclosure is easy to remove, saving customers a lot of time.


RO membrane


Excellent and reliable intrinsic quality


The product is automatically wound and formed by a microcomputer. The main materials are epoxy resin and fiber material, which are treated with a special process, so that the finished product has incomparable advantages in internal pressure, room temperature, and corrosion resistance.


Excellent fuel performance


The thermal conductivity of the reverse osmosis FRP film at room temperature is usually about 1/200 in the range of 0.15 ~ 1.36w (m.k). Its thermal properties cannot be compared with metallic materials. This feature helps a lot with the semipermeable membrane inside the membrane shell, and the external temperature doesn't have much effect on the minimal effect. Excellent corrosion resistance


The combination ratio of glass fiber and epoxy resin has undergone special curing treatment to form a natural internal product, the inner surface is smooth, and the coating has good stability to solvents such as acids, alkalis, salts, oils, etc. with low concentrations. Effectively inhibit seawater, microorganisms, etc. entering the shell. Long-term use will not corrode.


structural design


Strict packaging design is carried out for the barrel, head and notch of the membrane shell, and the calculation details are optimized to ensure the safety of the structure and the safety and stability of the structure under long-term pressure.


Concentrate side openings are optimized to meet the safety pressure required to open 4 side ports on one head and enhance variability during installation.


Reliability of parts


The end plate is an important part of the membrane shell assembly. The end plate of our company is fiber reinforced molding compound, which has high strength, good pressure resistance and pressure collision resistance.


Seal Design Installs O-ring face seals on professionally designed "V X" rings to prevent water leakage at low and high temperatures.


The sealing design of the side opening is a combination of L-shaped drum-shaped circular gaskets, which can make the side opening play a better sealing effect on the angle offset.


The side opening tightening is lift tightening, making it more controllable.


Referring to the actual aluminum alloy plate of ASME, the aluminum block of the outer ring is distributed in the groove, around the lock nut control and the aluminum plate is wrapped, the pressure is more secure.


Comprehensive performance of high-quality products


The inner structure of the expression is safe and secure.


Combined with excellent supporting components, the sealing pressure performance is improved.


Excellent exterior finish, product remains new in any wet environment.


Comparable domestic products outperform foreign brand products to a certain extent.


The general performance of the product can be arbitrarily matched with domestic and foreign semipermeable membrane series (such as Hyde, Saihan membrane, Dow membrane, Huitong membrane, etc.).


RO membrane is mainly formed by microcomputer irrigation. The main material is a special process of epoxy resin and fiber material. Therefore, the membrane shell has reached a height of compression, high temperature, and high corrosiveness. Even steel and plastic can't compare.