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Are There Requirements For Water Quality In Industrial Production?


Are There Requirements For Water Quality In Industrial Production?


Industrial production requires clean water as the main raw material or auxiliary raw material, and the main ways of using industrial water include indirect water and direct water. Direct water use means that the end product produced needs to be in direct contact with water, so it will directly affect the quality of the product, and the required water quality is relatively high. Indirect water use means that in the process of industrial production, the water used will not be in direct contact with the product, and generally plays the role of auxiliary production. Its main function is to prevent scale and rust problems in the water storage equipment, and only filter out One or several substances in the water will do.


Whether it is direct or indirect water use, the requirements for water quality are relatively high. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of industrial production water, most manufacturers will choose to install a water treatment equipment to solve this problem. Because water treatment equipment can be divided into activated carbon filter, quartz sand filter, iron and manganese removal filter, etc.