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FRP Tank Information

  • What should be paid attention to when debugging the FRP water tank?

    The application of FRP water tanks has gradually been widely used. But for novices, the fiberglass water tank needs to be debugged during the installation process, so how to do the debugging when installing the fiberglass water tank? Next, HUAYU will introduce to you in detail what matters should be paid attention to when debugging the FRP water tank.

  • What are the advantages of glass fiber reinforcement water tank?

    What are the advantages of glass fiber reinforcement water tank? FRP water tank has excellent selection of materials, anti -corrosion and cracks, and selects food -grade resin with excellent performance.

  • What Factors Affect The Service Life Of Filter Element Of Purified Water Equipment?

    Due to the serious water pollution in recent years, the emergence of purified water equipment has met the water demand of each industry. It has a unique reverse osmosis filter element, which can completely remove the residual chlorine, sediment and various microbial bacteria in the water.

  • How Often Is The Filter Material In The Activated Carbon Filter Replaced?

    Activated carbon filter is a kind of commonly used water treatment equipment. It mainly uses the rich pores of activated carbon to adsorb and filter the macromolecular organics, residual chlorine, iron oxide and other colloidal substances in the water.

  • How does a brine tank work

    A water softener's salt water tank is a relatively simple piece of equipment, but leaving it low in salt or having it too dirty inside can cause the water softener to not work properly, or even cause the salt water tank to overflow. Knowing how your water softener's salt water tank works will help you keep it in good shape for years to come.

  • How to use softened water tank

    In the case of long-term non-use, the tank should also be cleaned to prevent the filter material from breeding bacteria in the tank and deteriorating, which will affect the quality of the effluent. When it is put into use again, you only need to prepare the same salt water as the normal work, first open the water inlet valve, then connect the power supply, let the device reset itself, and then manually regenerate once, then open the water outlet valve.

  • What is a brine tank

    The brine tank is the part of the water softener system that stores the salt and water mixture used to renew the resin. A salt water tank helps regenerate the water softening system. Water Softeners & Filters have a complete line of brine tanks to suit your needs. Many of our brine tanks are supplied with safety floats and grids.

  • How to clean brine tank

    Softened water treatment technology is widely used in various fields such as industrial and agricultural production and life in our country. The brine tank is an important part of the water softener system, which is used to store the salt and water mixture used to renew the resin.

  • Performance characteristics of FRP tank

    The performance of FRP tanks often depends on the type of synthetic resin. This is because the synthetic resin is in FRP, which not only bonds the glass fibers together to form a whole, but also enhances the various excellent comprehensive properties of FRP, such as enhancing Corrosion resistance and electrical insulation of FRP.

  • FRP large storage tank

    As the name suggests, a large FRP storage tank is a very large FRP storage tank. How big is a large storage tank? FRP large storage tanks are mostly used in petroleum, chemical, food brewing, medicine and other fields.

  • Features and advantages of FRP storage tanks

    For example, it is used to make glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks. common applications. This kind of tank made of resin material has obvious features and advantages, especially the corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are several times that of the traditional ordinary tank. Let me introduce to you some other features of this tank.

  • How long can FRP storage tanks be used

    FRP storage tanks have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and long life. They can also be flexibly designed and used in different industries such as chemical, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, so how long can FRP storage tanks be used? Woolen cloth? How to extend its service life?