As the source manufacturer of water filter FRP tank, we have high cost performance, direct production and sales, save middlemen to earn price difference, and support customization on demand. We have complete specifications, sufficient inventory, timely delivery and worry free after-sales. Choose us to let you worry free.

Our FRP water tank is made of excellent FRP, with corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life; The product has high toughness and no burr due to friction. Beautiful appearance and long service life. High strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, good insulation and good tensile property; It has low temperature and extensibility under liquid nitrogen temperature, and does not deform after working for a long time. The smooth surface facilitates the connection between the upper and lower connecting ports and the track, and the smooth inner wall can reduce the resistance; The design of water outlet is reasonable, the inlet and outlet are orderly and the efficiency is very high.

FRP water tanks are widely used, mainly for living and fire water in ordinary houses, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, organs, schools, hotels, etc; Production and domestic water of industrial and mining enterprises; Water for various types of circulating water, cooling water and hot water supply systems;