At present, Canature Huayu has 8 fully automatic and efficient hollow blow molding machines, 8 three station roll molding machines, 16 fully automatic multi station winding machines and more than 30 injection molding machines, which can achieve an annual output of 1500000 tanks with a diameter of 6-30 inches and 180000 FRP tanks with a diameter of 36-72 inches, with a total production capacity of 500 million yuan.

The high pressure FRP vessel is made of high-performance composite material, HDPE liner and glass fiber wound shell. The inlet and outlet of tooth flange are made of polypropylene raw material filled with glass fiber. The PE liner adopts seamless forming technology, which greatly improves the strength, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and pressure resistance of FRP tank.

There are more than 80 different types of FRP resin tanks in the whole series. All resin tanks are manufactured in accordance with international standards and have passed NSF and CE certification. In addition, we can also provide OEM services for customers.