The company specializes in the R & D and production of FRP pressure vessels for reverse osmosis of aquatic products. The company has advanced technology and equipment, integrates the advantages of similar manufacturers at home and abroad, and meets the needs of customers at home and abroad with rich products and perfect services.

The FRP resin tank is wound with high-performance resin and glass fiber, lined with sanitary PE, and adopts special materials and processes to ensure tight composite. Corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight (the weight is only 30-40% of metal products), non-toxic and hygienic, reaching the hygienic standard of drinking water, simple transportation and installation and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in water supply and wastewater treatment, petroleum, electronics, fine chemicals, light industry, food, beverage and other fields.

FRP container products for reverse osmosis system are widely used in key engineering projects, seawater desalination projects, industrial sewage treatment, brackish water treatment projects and household drinking water softening projects. They are innovative demonstration enterprises for the transformation of military civilian integration achievements, and have gradually formed advanced processing capacity and process characteristics in the process of production, learning, research and military integration.