Our company is manufacturing square brine tank manufacturers, which can provide excellent materials for a long time, and establish a long-term and stable relationship with suppliers through professional supplier management, so as to reduce costs, improve quality and improve core competitiveness. We have introduced advanced production equipment, based on customer needs as our own responsibility, with various varieties, complete specifications, wide coverage and support customization. We have mature production lines, advanced equipment and technology, and skilled employees, which give us higher output value, shorter supply cycle and faster delivery speed. Strict factory inspection.

The square brine tank has a variety of colors, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to aging and long service life. It is manufactured by rotational molding process, forged at high temperature and tested by water quality, which meets the requirements.

Square salt tank is mainly used for water treatment engineering, softened water complete equipment and accessories on water treatment complete equipment. Adding salt is only a part of the softened water device. The function of the salt tank is mainly to put NaC1 salt solution (brine). It is generally made of PE material, with salt grate and salt well inside. The salt well is also equipped with a salt valve to ensure the automatic operation of the water softener.